No matter the distance

You truly know who a real friend is when you haven't seen her for over 18 months, she lives nearly 800 miles away and when you see her, you are right back where you left off.  We immediately started making new memories. In my opinion, it should be a crime to be separated so long. 

I flew to see her in Logan, Utah. When I got off the plane, my heart raced with excitement.  I ran towards that exit knowing that I was so close to seeing my old partner in crime.  She is the girl who is responsible for who I am today and my best friend, Mckenzie Wallace! I had big expectations and an idea of how the trip was going to go, but I had no clue what kind of adventure I was about to experience. From the moment she picked me up and greeted me with the biggest welcoming hug, I knew Utah wasn't ready for this duo.

You see, I have always lived in big cities and I have only visited small towns once or twice, so Logan was a bit of a surprise. This quaint little college town has only a few of the same businesses. The streets are quiet and the people are friendly. We spent most of our mornings at a local coffee shop chatting with friends and just about every evening finding some mischief to get into. It was a nice change of pace from living in Los Angeles. The people were, by far, my favorite part about this place.  They are all so unique and real. Each person brings something different to this little town. It was intriguing to hear about all of their different passions and what they like, whether it was about their band, what they were studying, or their past and future travels.  Everywhere we went, Mckenzie knew someone. So there was always a new adventure!

 For such a small town, it felt so large. Maybe because of how much we did. We spent an evening building a bonfire and warming up s'mores under the dark starry night sky around an abandoned amphitheater. We went bowling at a retro bowling alley where I scored a whopping 67! 

We gathered a few friends and played hide and go seek on the college campus. We threw a shindig for some mates where we all sat around and listened to some oldies but goodies and had great conversation. We even wandered into a cemetery. We listened to some groovy music and helped  set up for a benefits concert. We shot some pool and drank beers at a local bar. Oddly enough, one night ended with me being pushed in a shopping cart and then riding in a limo. Some of our days were spent at the DI thrift store, where we found tons of treasure. We enjoyed some great locally grown food while enjoying each other's company.

 I was really hoping that the week wouldn't end, but all good things do.  I'm happy I was able to spend the time there. It was definitely a trip that I will never forget. I will hold it dear to my heart. Luckily, I have a ton of photos to keep and share with others. It was difficult to leave. A big thank you to everyone in Utah.  I am really happy to have been able to see the life Mckenzie has made for herself and to meet everyone one that is a part of her life there. I look forward to visiting Logan again in the future.

 Mckenzie, you're the best friend any girl could ask for! 


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