Art of Love

I always get excited when my Mom comes to visit! I get to show her all the things I love about LA and it also gives us an opportunity to explore something new! During her short trip this week, we covered a ton of territory! We ate some delicious food at some amazing restaurants and did some shopping. We also visited the Venice Canals and saw a movie, but nothing comes close to the hidden gem I'm about to share:

The Tile Mosaic House of artists Cheri and Gonzalo. Tucked away in an ordinary LA neighborhood in Venice, their home is like none I have ever seen before! Since 1992, this creative couple has been turning their home into these magical pieces of art!  It first started in their bathroom and quickly spread throughout their whole home, from floor to ceiling! Cheri paints and designs the tiles, while Gonzalo creates structures and lays all the different pieces. Walking through their home was such a whimsical and ethereal experience. You will notice that no two pieces are alike. The small details that go into each room make the art all the more fun! Over time the community began contributing broken pottery and children would bring Beanie Babies and small toys that are embedded and camouflaged into all the different patterns. They have a studio attached in the back where they are constantly making paintings and sculptures dedicated to their love of art that they both share. The pictures will speak louder than my words. It's really great that these two very sweet people are willing to share their private home with the public. I'm happy to have met them and I am looking forward to visiting them again in the future! I was very inspired and touched by their work and I recommend making the trip to see it. You can schedule an appointment to take a tour at:

While you are there, tell them that I sent you and be sure to give them a shout out. 

Thank you Cheri and Gonzalo for such a great time!